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Our Labradors of the past...

Fry Creek Black Satin Doll -- "Stubby" black female
(Fry Creek Dusty Bo Jangles ex Longplain Zerbe)

Fry Creek Dusty Bo Jangles -- "Bo" chocolate male  
(GRHRCH Daphne's Chocolate Thunder MH ex HRCH Irish Mocha Mint VI SH)

Fry Creek Lucky Lucy -- "Lucy" black female
(1995 CNAFC CFC-CAFC FC-AFC Gunstocks Caramel Crunch ex Monida Teak Fry Cr Pride)

Fry Crk Sweet C Pistol Rose -- "Pistol Rose" chocolate female  
(NFC-FC Storm's Riptide Star ex Montida Teak Fry Cr Pride)

Boeuf River Bit of Cajun Tar -- "Tar" black female
(Missy's Cajun Dakota MH ex Seay's Tattle Tail Two Bits MH)

Fryline's Bubba Boomerang -- "Boomer" yellow male  
(FC-AFC Hilltop's Hayseed ex Hilltop's Jazzin-Up-A Rumor JH)

Gator Point's Rusty Zipper -- "Zipper" chocolate female  
(Gator Pt's Magnum Gentle Ben MH ex Gator Pts Golly Miss Dolly)

Grindstone Viva la Vegas -- "Vegas" black female  
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(NFC-AFC Maxx's Surprise ex Grindstone Belle)

Kirby's Rough Ryder -- "Rough" chocolate male  
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(FC-AFC Cuda’s Blue Ryder MH ex Kirby's Blue Velvet II)

Longplain Zerbe -- "Zerbe" yellow female  
(Longplain Tiger Bright ex Longplain Navratilova)

Pine Acre's Klassic Cracker -- "Ritz" yellow female  
(NAFC-FC Candlewood's Ramblin' Man ex Pine Acres Indiana Blackfoot MH)

Revilo's Kaptain Crunch -- "Kappy" yellow male
(1995 CNAFC CFC-CAFC FC-AFC Gunstocks Caramel Crunch ex Revilo's Kansas City Nikki)

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Meet our Labs -- assorted photos of Fry Creek Labs

Fry Creek Litters

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