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Fry Creek Dusty Bo Jangles

Fry Creek Dusty Bo Jangles

"Bo" 1998-2007 chocolate male  (deceased)
OFA LR-106672G24M-T
CERF LR21849/98-4
DNA #V146090
CHIC #1594

GRHRCH Daphne's Chocolate Thunder MH
1992 chlt
OFA LR-59636E24M
Gator Pts Dirt Road Sport
1989 chlt
OFA LR-42913E24M-T
CERF LR-4440/98-98
FC-AFC Meadow Woods Dusty Roads
1980 blk
OFA LR-13822-G25
CERF LR-1938/87-80
FC-AFC Triple Echo
Rays Luscious Marge
Gator Points Georgia Brown SH
1988 chlt
OFA LR-34936G24F-T
CERF LR-3453/92-56
FC Mueller's Stormy Canada
Gator Point Chocolate Candy
Gator Point's Nutmeg JH
1989 chlt
CERF LR-3963/92-41
FC-AFC Riverbend's Bo Jangles
1980 ylw
OFA LR-13035-G25
Jaune Chenet
Pretty Peedee
Gator Point's Magie Noire
1984 blk
OFA LR-30849G57F
CERF LR-2877/91-83
FC-AFC Snake Eyes-Double or Nothin'
William J's Queen of Cork
HRCH Irish Mocha Mint VI SH
1992 chlt
OFA LR-58125G25F
GRHRCH Candlewood's Stormy Bear MH
1987 chlt
OFA LR-31166G24M
FC Mueller's Stormy Canada
1980 chlt
OFA LR-14631-E33
CERF LR-1370/85-65
FC-CFC Ginger's Choc August
Coburn's Lady Chimo
Candlewoods Nestles Quik
1982 chlt
OFA LR-17816-25
FC-AFC Raider's Piper Cub
CH Shamrock Acres Mocha CD
HRCH Nickel's Texas Princess SH
1988 chlt
OFA LR-38425G26F
Sting's Texas Nickel
1987 blk
OFA LR-30707G25M
FC-AFC Trumarc's Sting
Honcho's Bonnie Mist
Copper's Cast-Rite Seusy
OFA LR-29285G30F
CT Copper Lad
Cocoa Kate of Frost

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